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Borneo Moringa Sdn Bhd

❝ Korporasi Pembangunan Desa (KPD), Sabah and The Mitomasa Sdn Bhd is now announce to set up a joint venture company, the “Borneo Moringa Sdn Bhd” to cultivate Moringa Oleifera in a large scale basis start with 200 hectares " 500 acres " in Nabawan town and to expand up to 600 hectares "1,500 acres"…
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Alis Fried Chicken

❝ Food Delicacy Material Sdn Bhd is an established food business opportunities solution. We have been in the business of supplying various types of food material, food machinery, food accessories and many other related products to assist the customer who wants to be own boss. ❞
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