Dong Zong

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❝ The United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (“Dong Zong”) was established on 22 August 1954, formed by the Association of Chinese School Management Boards or the Association of Chinese School Management Boards and Teachers of each state in the country. The Association of Chinese School Management Boards of each state and the National Chinese School Committees’ Association are registered societies under the Societies Act, whilst the Management Boards of the respective Chinese Schools are organisations under the Education Act. The members of a Management Board are elected through a General Assembly of sponsors, which typically consists of local individuals concerned about mother-tongue education. After its establishment in 1954, Dong Zong has worked closely with the United Chinese School Teachers’ Association of Malaysia (“Jiao Zong”) in fighting for the ethnic rights of the Chinese community. Bound by their common agenda against unequal policies, these two major leading organisations for Chinese Education quickly became close allies, and together were then named “Dong Jiao Zong”. Such relationship has remained to this day. After half a century of struggles, hardships and challenges, Dong Jiao Zong has firmly established its vivid image as the spokesperson for Chinese Education in Malaysia and the leading organisation for Chinese-community-run education. ❞

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