Animated Video

Animated Video

Did you know that more than 70% of your website visitors bounce because they are more interested in the visual content like images or videos, rather than plain text? Which means if you replace non-interactive content with engaging Animated Videos, you can increase your conversions by at least 50%. Or, have you ever struggled to communicate your company’s value with clarity? Does your brand story fail to give your potential customers – the people who should be most excited about what you’re doing – a compelling reason to buy?

Want to know how to do it? Take a glance today on converting your web content into engaging Animated Videos.

Why Animated Videos?

  1. Increase Conversions
  2. Increase Referral Traffic
  3. Increase Your Domain Authority
  4. Increase Engagement Among Users
  5. Increase Google Ranking
Animated Video

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Animated Videos will improve user engagement, increase your conversion rate, can educate your audience with the use of powerful visual metaphors. They can also help to improve your SEO and consequently, your search engine page rank as Google loves video (since buying YouTube!).

Types Of Animated Videos We Specialize In

The Animated Video Development Process

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