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CHKL 99 Reunion (串联久久同学会)

  • 吉隆坡中华独立中学 1999年度毕业生
  • 吉隆坡中华独立中学 1999年度毕业生
  • 吉隆坡中华独立中学 1999年度毕业生
  • 00 branding stationery mockup

❝ Great brands don’t happen by accident. They’re carefully curated, easily recognisable friends we turn to when we need them. We’ve created a new direction and simple ideas to pull all the elements together for a brand identity that sings, “CHKL 99: Connecting Forever Alumni Gathering” (吉隆坡中华独立中学 1999年度毕业生: 串联久久同学会)

Just a small invest of time is all client need. ❞

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