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Ecaotrafo Malaysia Sdn Bhd

ECOTRAFO MALAYSIA SDN BHD was established as a joint-venture transformer company in Malaysia between Thosco group of companies and Guangdong Haihong Transformer Co Ltd of China. Our partner who has a group of professional engineers with 35 years of experience in transformer manufacturing field, their hard work in R&D has recently make a breakthrough in the development of 3-D silicon steel wound-core technology, which make a technically better and stable transformer. We strongly believed that all future transformers will be made this way.
ECOTRAFO transformer are both affordable and environmental friendly, thanks to the unique 3-D Wound Core which makes it possible to create a symmetrical delta shaped transformer core that contributed in the improvement of the magnetic losses, noise level, lighter overall weight and extended life span. We can now produce a cheaper, recyclable, and maintenance-free dry transformer with all these good properties, it's truly a pollution-free transformer!

The distinctive design and revolutionary technology has impressed many highly profiled scientists around the world, and we are now bridging the transfer of technology to Malaysia by setting up a manufacturing plant in Johor Bharu which lies in the Iskandar Region Johor. Having a factory space of 60,000 square feet and a workforce of 50 engineers and technicians, which are capable of producing 1,000 units of transformer annually, so quality and performance of our new breed of transformers will come as a standard of our product which are strictly believed to prevent the environmentally overstrained. Of course, by adopting a correct choice of transformer will help to ensure the goal for a higher friendly living compatibility for all human beings.

ECOTRAFO is producing the most cost effective and advance featured transformer and the utterly uniqueness of this invention will be soon appreciated and welcome around the world.

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